RV How-To Guide | Stabilizer Jacks

  • Used to stabilize not level your trailer.
  • Once your trailer is levelled you can extend your stabilizer jacks to the ground to help stabilize your trailer.
  • Power stabilizers usually have the extension switches above the stabilizers on the exterior of the trailer, inside the storage compartment, or near the slide extensions inside the trailer.
    • When extending the power stabilizers do not hold the button for more than 2 seconds after it hits the ground and do not let the motor click more than 1 second. Extending the stabilizers too far will place an extensive load on the jacks which could break the motor for them.
  • Hand crank stabilizers can be turned by a hand crank that should come with your trailer. Most customers will use a cordless drill to extend the stabilizers quickly. Do not extend stabilizer too far, they should be just firm against the ground but too much pressure can damage the stabilizer jacks.
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