RV How-To Guide | Batteries

  • RV batteries are different than car batteries in that they implement a process known as deep cycling which is a process that allows the battery to completely discharge and still be able to recharge without damaging the battery. This allows them to run about four times longer than a car battery which is primarily used for jumpstarting the cars. Standard 12-volt car batteries will only last about one season. RV batteries also use a lead acid technology
  • Deep cycle batteries will last between 4-10 years when properly maintained.
  • When disconnecting a battery, remove the negative charge first. When reconnecting, connect the positive terminal first.
  • Storing your battery
    • A partially discharged battery can freeze in the winter so it’s alway best to store in a warm area for the room
  • Battery Measurements
    • Deep cycle battery capacity is measured in AH (Amp-Hours), meaning the total number of amps of power it can deliver over a 20 hour period.
    • An alternative measurement is called RC (Reserve Capacity), which is the number of minutes the battery can sustain a 25 amp load.
    • In both cases, more is better.
  • Only similar batteries should be connected together in one bank if you choose to have more than one battery. Do not connect old and new batteries, or wet and gel cell batteries together.
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