RV How-To Guide | Fridge Operation

  • Most RV refrigerators have three settings:
    • Automatic (AU)
    • Propane (LP - Liquid Propane)
    • Electric (AC)
  • Most of the time you will want to leave your fridge on the automatic setting and your fridge will automatically set the power to propane or electric depending on which one is available. A/C electric is first priority, then will try for Propane if electric is not available
    • You will need to have the battery on and propane turned on if you are using propane to power the fridge.
  • Most RVs have a lock on the freezer and fridge doors that allow you to keep them locked slightly open so they can air out when you are not using them which prevents mold.
  • RV fridges need to be level to operate properly.
  • RV fridges should not be run while driving in some locations depending on highway laws
  • RV fridges should not be running near a gas station
  • Thermistor - Many RV fridges have a lever in the back of the fridge to adjust the temperature. This is called the thermistor and it is usually located on one of the slides of the fridge component shown in the picture below:
  • outdoor fridge coil
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