Service FAQ

Is there a coverage area for the RVs Unlimited mobile service?

Yes, typically we will not drive further than 1.5 hours away from our store location for our mobile service.

Why is there a $150 mobile service charge when I have manufacturer warranty remaining?

When you need to utilise your manufacturer warranty, you have two options for service, you can bring your trailer into our service department at no charge or you can request mobile service with a $150 mobile service fee. Manufacturers do not reimburse the dealer for these fees and this cost to the dealership is more substantial than the $150 fee. We charge out our technician’s time at $150/hr but we also incur costs associated with fuel, vehicle depreciation, and oftentimes, the round-trip time in the vehicle is significantly longer than 1 hour.

Why does the manufacturer not reimburse the dealer for the mobile service fee when there is manufacturer warranty left?

Most dealers charge by the hour for mobile service travel time. Customer campsites can range from 15 min away to several hours away. This would be a variable expense the manufacturer could not plan for. For those customers that bring their trailer to the dealer, should they be getting extra money to off-set the money the manufacturer spent paying for travel time servicing mobile customers? Of course not! Reimbursing customers for mobile travel time simply does not make business sense for the manufacturer and would not be fair to all customers.

How come I have to pay my deductible for service work?

If you have an extended warranty and need to utilise that coverage, the deductible is part of your agreement with the third party extended warranty provider. Although RVs Unlimited will collect and submit the deductible for you, it is not an RVs Unlimited fee and is strictly between you and your extended warranty provider. If this fee is not paid, the extended warranty provider will not cover your service request.

I have an extended warranty, do I have to pay a mobile fee and my deductible for mobile service?

When you originally purchased your extended warranty, the business manager will have presented you with an option to make a one time payment for mobile service coverage. If you paid for this option, you will only have to pay your deductible. If you have not selected this option and need mobile service, our mobile charges still apply and your deductible covers you for any warrantable service work completed. Although the dealer collects your extended warranty deductible on your behalf, the deductible and liability for the mobile service fee is strictly part of the agreement between you and the extended warranty provider.

If I have warranty coverage, am I guaranteed that my service request will be covered?

In short, no. Whether the warranty is from the manufacturer or an extended warranty provider, a warranty is an agreement between the customer and the warranty provider to cover specific items. Many service requests require a technician to diagnose the issue before it can be determined if the issue is something the warranty agreement covers.

How does warranty work with mobile service?

The warranty company has processes in place for the dealer to submit to warranty including part numbers, part prices, and labour estimates. On a mobile service call, if the technician diagnoses and then proceeds with the work in the same visit, the dealer will not have time to submit to warranty and there is a risk the work will not be covered. If the work is not covered under the warranty agreement, the customer is responsible for paying for all expenses related to the service call. To avoid this circumstance, the customer can opt to have the first visit be a diagnosis only visit and then pay a second mobile service fee to have the technician come out at a later time once the work has been approved.

Can I get same day service?

Possibly, but usually no, as our service appointments are based on a que system. In the same way as all other service businesses, we have a schedule with a lineup of people waiting for service. We do our best to manage our availability to prioritise customers we have sold trailers to but there is still a que. If you book an appointment, I am sure you would not appreciate a call to say your service appointment was being delayed to help a higher priority customer. We have to honour the commitments made to customers who already have a service appointment and cannot prioritise someone higher, regardless of the issue.

Is it normal to have some issues with my brand new trailer in the first year?

It is normal; unlike automobiles that are built by multibillion dollar robotic manufacturing plants, trailers are built 100% by hand. Trailers are also built with a wide range of floor plans that include features such as slide outs, plumbing, electrical, gas appliances, and air conditioning. A trailer has all the features of a house designed to be packed into a 7-8 foot wide space that needs to be light and flex and move down the road wherever you go camping. The first year is usually when the main kinks get worked out and your manufacturer warranty is quite comprehensive in the first year for this reason.

I paid “X” dollars for this trailer, why do I have to pay for mobile service when it is only “X” old?

First of all, exceptions are made on a case by case basis primarily for people who received their trailer with an issue sometime within 30-days of purchase. However, customers have the option to bring trailers back to the dealer for warrantable repairs at no cost to them and it is a significant cost to the dealership to provide mobile service. All our trailers range in price from $20,000 to $90,000+ and the concept of expensive is relative to the owner. It is simply not financially feasible to offer free mobile service to all customers or fair to offer it to only a few. For these reasons, we always offer extended warranties with mobile service coverage to all customers. If you plan to park the trailer permanently, this coverage will provide even more value to you. Past offering the extended warranty mobile service coverage and offering a mobile service, it is the customer’s responsibility to financially plan ahead if mobile service will be needed.