RV How-To Guide | Hooking Up at Your Campsite

  • When you get to the site, back your trailer onto the site and make sure you are parked close enough to the electrical, water, and waste outlets for your cords and hoses to reach.
  • Once you have found the right spot, you will have to level the trailer (see next section)
  • Once you have your trailer parked and levelled, you will need to get setup at your campsite
    • Some sites will offer full service which includes:
      • 50amp or 30amp or 15amp service (15 amp service will require an adapter).
      • City water connection - the clean water for drinking, showering, sinks, and toilet.
      • Waste water drainage - where your grey and black (sewage) waste will drain into.
    • City water connection - use your white or blue hose to hook up to this, it should only be used for this purpose, you do not want to mix this up with your grey or black sewage water hoses. The city water connection should be clearly labelled by the campsite
    • Grey water hose - use this hose for your grey water drainage (sink and shower drainage). The grey water will drain into the same outlet as the black (sewage) water drain.
    • Black water hose - use this hose for your sewage drainage, it should be only used for this purpose and should be rinsed after camping and stored in the rear bumper of your trailer. This will drain into the sewage drain, the same drain as the grey water drain which should be clearly labelled at the campsite.
  • Operating your Black/Grey Water Tanks
    • When you hook up your sewage hose to the single black/grey water drain, it is preferable to use disposable gloves and hose holders to keep the flow in a downward direction
    • connected like accordion
    • Keep the shut off valves for both the black and grey water tanks closed until one of the tanks becomes close to full. When one of the tanks is close to full, open the valve for the black (sewage) water tank and let it empty until the tank indicator insider your trailer indicates it is empty. Once empty, shut the black water tank and empty the grey water tank so it effectively flushes all the black water (sewage) down. When the grey water tank is empty, shut your valves.
    • When you are done camping and have emptied the black and grey water tanks, use a garden hose (not your city water or freshwater hoses) to spray clean the inside of the sewage hose. You can place thesewage hose inside the rear bumper of the trailer
  • Sites with No Service Outlets
    • No city water - before your trip use your on board water fill to fill up your holding tank. This connection is different than your city water connection and will be labelled as “Freshwater Connection”. The hose does not screw into this connection and just drops into the hole.
    • No grey/black (sewage) drain - in this case, leave your drain for the grey/black (sewage) waste shut (usually only one drain on trailer). Usually there is a shut off valve handle for both the gray and black water tank next to the single drain for both. Since there is no sewage service, you will keep these closed. There should be a gray and black water holding tank indicator somewhere in your trailer (usually the bathroom) that will indicate when each tank is getting full. When they are full, you will need to either take the trailer somewhere with a sewage facility for RVs or have a mobile sewage removal service come empty your tanks.
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