RV How-To Guide | Propane Tanks

  • LP Propane (Liquefied Petroleum)
  • The figure shown below shows an automatic propane changeover system.
  • automatic propane changeover system
  • The changeover system is quite simple once it is understood. The knob in the center of both propane tanks controls which tank the propane is being drawn from. In the above photo, the long end of the knob is point to the right so only the right tank is being used to draw propane. If the knob were pointing down, it would be drawing from both tanks. Once the right tank empties, the changeover system will detect this and start drawing from the unused left tank. When the right tank is empty and the knob is pointing towards the right, the light below the knob will turn red indicating the right tank is empty
  • The purpose of this system is to allow you to start with two full tanks and when one empties, you can keep using propane while you make the trip to go fill up the other tank.
  • Turn lever towards full tank before removing empty tank
  • If your propane is still not working, first check to make sure the tanks are turned on, then if still not working, a call to a local RV mobile technician might be the next step.
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