RV How-To Guide | Slide Functionality

  • Slide out buttons are typically located near the main door of the trailer on the wall or occasionally on the bottom of a cupboard.
  • Before extending your slide out make sure the trailer is level. An unlevel trailer can damage the slide out and slide out mechanisms over time.
  • Before retracting any slide out, make sure anything that could be sandwiched between the slide out and the main cabin is removed. This could be a table or a couch that is in a bed position or just personal belongings.
  • When extending the slideout, make sure you have space outside the trailer to clear the length of the slideout, you should leave at least 6 feet for most trailers. Make sure you are clear of trees, other trailers, cars, and any other possible obstructions.
  • When retracting the slide, make sure the is no leafs or debree on the top of the slide that could jam into the slide. Also, if there is a window on the side of the trailer that retracts inside the trailer, take a towel and wipe down the window and surrounding it. Trailers with these windows can bring some water inside the trailer because the window bump prevent the flaps from wicking away all the water.
  • When the slide is almost fully retracted or extended, never hold it fully retracted or extended for more than 2 seconds or let the motor click for more than one second. This can set off a breaker and damage the motor for the slide mechanism.
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