RV How-To Guide | Leveling

  • Levelling your trailer is important not just for your comfort and safety but also the functionality and protection of your trailer.
  • Trailers can receive damage to the slideouts if the trailer is not level. Certain functions such as the propane, water, and waste distribution may also be affected by an unlevel trailer.
  • Many trailers are equipped with stabilizing jacks which can be used to stabilize the trailer but should not be used to level the trailer.
  • To level the trailer, the trailer jack and wheels should be the main means of levelling.
  • Using a carpenter or bubble level, place it on the floor of your trailer and use planks of wood or levelling blocks underneath the tires to ensure the trailer is level across the axle.
  • leveling trailer tire
  • Once your axles are level, you can remove the trailer from the towing vehicle. To level the trailer lengthwise, place your level on the frame of the hitch and crank or power your jack to the height the brings the trailer level.
  • Once your trailer is level both across the axle and lengthwise, be sure to use your wheel chalks to keep the trailer in place from rolling forward or backward.
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