RV How-To Guide | Bike Rack & Outdoor BBQ

  • A bike rack is a great way to customize your trailer, most racks come with detailed instructions for installation.
    • It is important to keep in mind that bikes will add an additional load to the rear of the trailer so it to avoid dangerous trailer sway, be sure to compensate the weight by making sure there is comparable weight to the front of the trailer.
  • An outdoor BBQ is also a great way to customize your trailer, however, in many cases this must be purchased with the trailer or from your local RV dealer for this to work. Many trailers are equipped with special propane hoses that can only attached to an outdoor barbeque specially made for RVs. The RV manufacturers make trailers with a regulator internally equipped so you cannot buy an aftermarket outdoor barbeque that does not have a regulator. The only barbeque manufacturer that does have a kit for this is Weber and it has to be special ordered and installed.
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