Coronvirus Update

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Our top priority is the health and safety of our valued clients and our team that proudly serves our customers and their families. We have been closely monitoring the evolving health situation as it continues to develop and we want to share how we have been managing things here at RVs Unlimited.

To date, we have been issuing the appropriate internal communications, based on health advisories and local government guidance, emphasizing how our team can help reduce risk and limit the spread.

Employees who feel well and have no symptoms are urged to practice good respiratory hygiene at all times, which is the best way to prevent transmission of viruses such as coronavirus or flu.

For employees and customers who suspect they have symptoms of the virus (dry cough, breathlessness or fever of 37.8°C / 100.4°F or above) we ask them to remain home, immediately inform their healthcare provider, and communicate with us by phone, electronically, or by mail.

We are taking additional steps to enhance cleaning protocols at our facility by adding more frequent cleaning schedules and the additional cleaning and sanitation of certain items, such as door handles, credit card terminals, desks, counters, keyboards, railings, bathrooms, toilets, etc.  We have added additional hand sanitizers and soaps for our customers and staff and have been communicating about how to stay healthy by washing hands, sanitizing work spaces, and staying home if feeling ill.

RVs Unlimited is offering customers the opportunity to schedule personalized appointments to visit our store with an RV Specialist, look through our product, have any questions answered, and to provide any information people may need.

To schedule a personalized appointment with an RV Specialist please email:

We remain committed to providing a safe environment.  Should you have any questions or suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact our team.


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